Launch of the new IET Digital Library

28 November 2012
IET Communications team
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Today sees a big step forward in the expansion of the IET’s digital offering, with the launch of the new IET Digital Library.

Developed on Publishing Technology’s pub2web platform, the new Digital Library has been designed to improve the speed and ease with which academic and corporate users can access the IET’s publishing content.

This includes 3,000 eBook chapters, 180,000 journal and magazine articles, 1,300 conference publications and over 70,000 archive articles dating back to 1872. The recently announced Journal of Engineering and access to IET.tv and its archive of 3,500 videos will also be incorporated in 2013.


What the new site offers

Upon visiting the site at www.ietdl.org, users will now find a refreshed design and improved navigation and search functions.

New ‘single login’ facilities mean that login details for the main IET website can now be used on the Digital Library, enabling IET members to receive discounts on purchases of eBooks (35 per cent) and journal articles and subscriptions (20 per cent).

Members will also be able to use the Digital Library to gain free access to E&T magazine articles.

Additionally, new e-commerce functionality means that content can now be accessed without a subscription, through one-off credit card payments.


Significant step forward

The IET’s head of academic publishing, Daniel Smith, said: “We know a big part of the future of academic publishing is online. The reason for this is clear when you consider that the IET attracts an international range of authors - online is simply the easiest way for users of our content to access the information we publish. The move towards digital also opens up new options when it comes to the content itself.

“Users of our platform can blend the content they require by accessing eBook chapters, journal articles or video on the subjects that they are interested in. In short, this new platform is a significant step forward and sets the IET up for future digital expansion.”


Visit the new IET Digital Library

The new IET Digital Library is now available at www.ietdl.org.