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6 December 2012
IET Communications team
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Mr Arup Roy Choudhury received a lifetime achievement award

An update on September and October from the IET India team.

Three Prestige Lectures, lifetime achievement awards and a new office kept the IET India team busy and productive over September and October. Find out more in this latest India update.


The IET Energy Lecture: The answer to India’s energy issues

IET India is increasing its focus on the energy sector, and has added an event on this topic to its Prestige Lecture series. The first ever IET Energy Lecture, ‘Solar Energy: Power to the People’, was delivered on 27 September by Professor Tom Markvart from the University of Southampton.

In his talk, Professor Markvart outlined the history and technology of solar energy and stressed its importance as the answer to pressing energy issues. He shared with the audience some of the ground-breaking developments in the field and reinforced the fact that India would greatly benefit by embracing solar energy.  

Held in Chennai, the event attracted an audience of over 200 people from both industry and academia.


The IET Wheatstone Lecture: Brain-to-brain communication

Chennai was also the setting for this year’s Wheatstone Lecture, held on 12 October. Professor Christopher J James from the University of Warwick spoke on ‘Communicating person to person through the power of thought alone’.

Ahead of the event, Professor James said: “I am very honoured to be giving this year’s IET Wheatstone Lecture. Sir Charles Wheatstone was a true scientist and inventor, who made important contributions to the measurement of the velocity of electricity and light, amongst others.

“Through my work, in the measurement of brain activity, we hope to push the boundaries of research into extracting information from the working brain and indeed, how we might go about inputting information into it. During the Wheatstone Lecture I will be giving an insight into some of this research and discussing what the future may hold.”


The IET Lord Austin Lecture: Insights into Indian railways and rail freight

The prestigious Lord Austin Lecture was hosted in New Delhi on 29 October. Over 200 delegates came to hear from the chairman of the Rail Freight Group, Lord Anthony Berkeley, including academics, railway officials, business leaders and engineers.

Entitled ‘UK and European Rail Freight – Insights and lessons for India’, the lecture created a unique platform to discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges faced by the rail sector in Europe and the UK, thereby sharing valuable intelligence for the sector in India.  

Speaking on the occasion, Lord Berkeley said: “I am here at the invitation of the Institution of Engineering and Technology to share some of the railway knowledge that it is trying to spread around, as part of its focus on the transport sector.

“We can share our experiences from the UK and Europe and learn about the Indian railways as well, because we are all in the same business together. I hope this will be beneficial to everyone. There are many differences between European and Indian railways but many similarities as well. We made some mistakes and perhaps had some successes and an exchange of learnings and knowledge will help everyone.”


Delhi Local Network recognises prominent Indian engineers

The IET’s Delhi Local Network recently honoured Mr Kul Bhushan and Mr Arup Roy Choudhury with lifetime achievement awards for their invaluable contributions to the field of engineering.

The awards were presented by Dr Mike Short, IET past president, at the Lord Austin Lecture. He said: “I am delighted to honour both these eminent personalities. Their involvement in the field of science, engineering and technology is immense and will have a positive impact on the world tomorrow.”

The Delhi Local Network’s N Venkatesan, R N Rajpoot and V K Gupta were also present.


Second IET India office opened by Dr Mike Short

IET India opened its second office in Delhi on 31 October, with Dr Mike Short inaugurating it in the presence of senior IET India volunteers and staff from both India and the UK.

The Delhi office will be primarily focussed on sales activities and supporting nearby partners and members.


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