Engineering institutions collaborate to promote Technician registration

7 January 2013
IET Communications team
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Laurie-Ann Benner

Success story: Engineering Technician Laurie-Ann Benner, 2011 winner of the IET's Mary George Memorial Prize.

New partnership between the IET, IMechE and ICE set to drive mass expansion of EngTech qualification.

Engineering Technicians are vitally important to the UK and its economy. They have the skills and expertise the country needs to deliver 21st century services, systems and products. To boost the profile of Engineering Technicians, action is being taken to further boost their status and recognition.

Three of the UK’s largest professional engineering institutions (PEIs) have formed a partnership to drive a mass expansion of registered Engineering Technicians (EngTechs). Supported by funding from the Gatsby Foundation, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the IET will promote Engineering Council registration to Engineering Technicians currently in training and those already employed.  

The key aims are to achieve 100,000 registered EngTechs by 2018, and to establish a sustainable model for registration, so that EngTech numbers continue to grow year-on-year to 2025 and beyond.

Qualified Technician members gain a greater recognition for their skills in delivering technical solutions within a wide range of engineering teams. They apply proven techniques to solve practical engineering problems. They carry supervisory or technical responsibility, and can exercise creative aptitudes and skills within defined fields of technology. In so doing Technicians support engineering teams, helping with technical designs, and assisting throughout development to ensure projects run smoothly and on time.  

This is the first time the three largest PEIs have worked together on a programme of this scale.

Commenting on the partnership, IET chief executive Nigel Fine said: “Engineering Technicians are vital to the future prosperity of the UK and make a massive contribution to the UK economy. It is absolutely right that we re-double our efforts to encourage more professionals into this area and promote professional registration. I am delighted we are working in partnership with the ICE and the IMechE on this important initiative.”

Recruitment of the programme team has started, with job adverts appearing in national press. Once in place, in March, this team will create research-validated implementation plans to promote the benefits of registration to current apprentices and students at further education colleges, and to 'time-served' Technicians in the workplace, currently employed by large and small organisations. These plans will go into operation in 2014.