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27 February 2013
By John Day
IET website

IET website

Help us to make the IET website easier to use. John Day, a member of the IET’s Digital Services team, tells you how.

How to get in touch

Visit the “What do you use the website for?” discussion (log-in required) within the IET Member Web Experience community on the IET’s website and tell us the one thing that would improve your experience.

How you can help

In order for us to improve the website for you, we need to know both what you use it for (your task or goal) and how you accomplish this (your journey).

An example of this might be:

Task: Find out how to apply for CEng professional registration


  • Visit Google;
  • Search for “iet ceng”;
  • Click “How to apply” from search results.


  • Open the IET website;
  • Click “Membership” on the top menu;
  • Click “Professional registration” from the “Membership sub-menu”;
  • Click “CEng” under “Categories of registration”;
  • Click “How to apply” from the left hand menu.

The context

We are constantly striving to make the IET website responsive to your needs and to make the journey across the site as frictionless as possible. We know from our statistics what our most used site areas are and how people get there. We make regular decisions to emphasise certain site areas and/or pages based on importance and business priority. However, there are a lot of areas on the site which fall outside of that. Letting us know how you use the site, where you go, how you get there and any pinch points that occur when you do will help us optimise our site and make your experience better.

We in the IET’s Digital Service team perform regular user tests and we value very much the input and experience of our users. We cannot promise that we will make every change suggested but more intelligence from our actual users will aid us in making better, more insightful decisions.

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