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25 November 2012
IET Communications team
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2012 Present around the World finalists

The finalists of this year's Present around the World competition at the Ambition and Achievement Awards ceremony.

Celebrating the best in engineering and technology.

Thursday, 22 November was ‘awards day’ for the IET, with ceremonies for the 2012 Ambition, Achievement, and Innovation Awards taking place in London.

First up, during the afternoon, were the Ambition and Achievement Awards, hosted by television presenter Michael Mosley.

In the evening, the black-tie Innovation Awards ceremony was hosted by world champion and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

Below is a report on some of the highlights of the day, followed by a full list of recipients and winners.


Ambition Awards

The Ambition Awards focus on aspiring engineers, with £200,000 in scholarships and prizes awarded to more than 120 students, 25 per cent of whom were young women.

The IET’s chief executive, Nigel Fine, commented: “After an incredible year that saw the UK’s engineering ability showcased to the world, we are proud to acknowledge the next generation of engineers and technicians. The Ambition Awards celebrate the incredible wealth of talent this country has to offer, particularly the achievements of talented young students who I believe will go on to become great ambassadors for UK engineering.”


Achievement Awards

The Achievement Awards include the IET’s top accolade, the Faraday Medal, which this year was awarded to Dr Leonardo Chiariglione in recognition of his pioneering contribution to MPEG (Movie Picture Expert Group). Today MPEG is used extensively for digital video and media compression and has enabled the modern digital media revolution.

IET president Professor Andy Hopper said: “The Faraday Medal is the highest distinction awarded by the IET and Leonardo Chiariglione is a very deserving recipient. Chiariglione has been at the forefront of a number of initiatives that have helped shape media technology business as we know it today. Among these is the International Workshop on HDTV which he established in 1986 to give direction to the technology.”


Present around the World

The Ambition and Achievement ceremony also saw the global final of the IET’s Present around the World competition, with Amr Saleh from the Europe, Middle East and Africa region named the overall winner for his presentation on a ‘Smart breadboard’.

Simon Gallagher, chairman of the IET’s Young Professionals Awards Sub Committee, said: “As well as providing a supportive environment in which competitors can develop their presentation and networking skills, the Present around the World competition is a global initiative that provides a means through which young engineers and technologists can share knowledge and information.”


Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards recognise the most innovative companies operating within a wide variety of engineering and technology disciplines, with winners announced in 15 categories including a special one on Sports Technology (introduced for the UK’s Olympic year).

Entries came in from 25 countries, offering industry innovators worldwide a unique opportunity to demonstrate their innovation and imagination as they tackle their own local, economic and social challenges.

Andy Hopper commented: “These awards continue to showcase some great technological innovations being created across the world. Each help solve some of our biggest economic and social issues to deliver a brighter future, which is why I am very proud that the IET Innovation Awards cut straight to the core goal for the IET - advancing collaborative knowledge to enhance people's lives.”


Full list of 2012 recipients and winners


Ambition Awards:
Leslie H Paddle scholarship - Mr Sean Maguire
IET Postgraduate scholarship - Mr Christopher Spargo
IET Postgraduate scholarship - Ms Jeannette Heiligers
J A Lodge Award - Dr Julien Oster
Dennis Hill Award - Miss Samantha Simons
William James Award - Mr Alistair E W Johnson
Control and Automation Doctoral Dissertation Prize Winner 2012 - Dr Andrew Zammit Mangion
BP/IET Faraday scholarship - Mr Gurpreet Johl
Belling Engineering scholarship - Mr Archie Lodge

IET FUSE Scholarships:
Ms Olivia Critchley
Mr Edward Phillips
Ms Daisy Prior
Ms Helen Sheehan
Ms Seema Kapacee

NEC Scholarships:
Mr Duncan Wooder
Mr William Honey

IET Jubilee Scholarships:
Mr Luke Godfrey
Mr Bryan Hsieh
Ms Rebecca Madden
Mr Daniel Jones
Mr Daniel Eatough

Belling Grants:
Ms Rebecca Macindoe
Mr Andrew Allan
Ms Michaela Bousfield
Mr Frank Taggart

IET Grants:
Mr Simone Castagno  
Mr Devin De Sousa  
Mr Svetlomir Hristozkov
Mr James Kent  
Ms Richa Bhuttar
Mr Jakub Sanak
Mr Mandeep Mohan
Mr Ross Phillips
Mr Idris Oseni Alhassan
Mr Szymon Sidor
Mr Jun Ho Song
Mr Ross Lucie-Smith
Ms Agnieszka Szefer

Gerald David Memorial Prize:
Ms Sibongile Sibanda

Present around the World Finalists:
Europe, Middle East and Africa region - Mr Amr Saleh (winner)
United Kingdom region - Ms Lili Tao (runner up)
Americas region - Mr Mike DuVall  
Asia Pacific region - Ms Abigail Rajendran
South Asia region - Mr Damith Abeywardana

Achievement Awards:
The Faraday Medal - Dr Leonardo Chiariglione
The Mountbatten Medal - Professor Vincent Fusco
The Ambrose Fleming Medal for Information and Communications - Paul M Kane
Heaviside Medal for Achievement in Control - Professor Agarwal
Nuffield Silver Medal for Achievement in Design and Production - Dick Philbrick
The Coales Medal for Transport - Dr Robert Pleming
The Sir Monty Finniston Award for Engineering and Technology - Dr Meyyappan
Mike Sargeant Career Achievement Award for Young Professionals - Dr Chris Dent
Sir Henry Royce Medal for Young Professionals - Douglas Ramsay
Sir Henry Royce Medal for Young Professionals - Mr John Collins
Paul Fletcher Award - Mr Rhys Phillips MIET

Innovation Awards:
Asset Management - Hydro-Quebec
Built Environment - University of Leeds, Susiephone Ltd, Ordnance Survey, 1Spatial Ltd, ESRI(UK) Ltd, Symology Ltd, UK Water Industry Research Ltd (UKWIR), the VAULT Steering group and the VISTA consortium
Electronics - ISDI Ltd
Embedded and Critical Systems - Bombardier Transportation
Emerging Technologies - Neul
Healthcare Technologies - Smith & Nephew UK Ltd and University College London
Information Technology - Actual Experience Ltd
Measurement in Action - LUX-TSI Ltd
Power / Energy - Arago Technology Ltd
Product Design - Smith & Nephew UK Ltd
Software in Design - University of Surrey
Sports Technology - Impakt Protective, Inc
Sustainability - Highview Power Storage
Telecommunications - Cassidian Ltd
Transport - Network Rail & First Scotrail