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16 November 2012
IET Communications team
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An update on how the IET is using this invaluable tool.

In 2012, the number of global Facebook users hit the one billion mark, with Twitter announcing 140 million users worldwide and 10 million in the UK. Meanwhile, worldwide LinkedIn users amount to 175 million.

Clearly, social media has become an invaluable tool for fast, two-way communication and brand promotion, which is why the IET has been enhancing the way it uses it.

An ‘IET Social Media Council’ has recently been established, to enable tips, tricks and best practice to be shared across the organisation.

The IET Social Media Council is planning to meet on a bimonthly basis, with representatives from several staff teams and also the IET’s membership. The first meeting took place in October 2012 with representation from across the organisation.

Some IET social media accounts are already a big success, like the main Twitter account, which is approaching 9,000 followers, and the IET LinkedIn group, which has over 14,000 members. At the beginning of 2010, the IET’s combined number of social media followers totalled 7,866, a number that has risen to over 39,000 as of October 2012.

The IET is also now developing MyCommunity, the first institutional professional networking and collaboration platform for engineers.

This is encouraging progress overall, but the aim now is to look at ways social media can enhance and improve the workings of many more IET departments.

In addition, a number of social media accounts for IET communities are run by members, and IET staff hope to better liaise with these members to improve cohesion between its various social media platforms.

IET head of communications Ben Rudd said: “Organisations across the world are beginning to realise that social media isn’t just a personal tool, but one that can be used to connect with customers and really improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

“As a home for engineering and technology professionals, the IET should be at the forefront of exercising a thorough, innovative social media strategy. We hope the Social Media Council will give opportunity for members and staff across the IET to share best practice and ensure a common approach.”


More information

If you’d like to know more about the new Social Media Council, or have any questions about social media, please feel free to contact Ben Rudd.

There are also Social Media Guidelines on the website for members and volunteers wanting to promote their IET communities through social media. The main IET social media accounts are available via the small icons on the footer of the website.


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