Customer service at the IET

14 November 2012
IET Communications team
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Results of a recent Institute of Customer Service survey.

As reported on Member News online last year, the IET has joined the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) to further its commitment to customer service excellence.

The IET is now working towards the ICS ServiceMark, an organisational accreditation that consists of self-diagnosis, customer satisfaction measurement and independent assessment.

As part of this process, in July 2012 IET members and customers were invited to take part in a survey, known as UKCSI, to identify what further action the IET can take to improve both its internal and external customer service.

The survey results achieved by the IET included an overall customer satisfaction score of 80.1. World-class service is deemed by the ICS to be a score of 80 or more, and the average index for all organisations that have completed the UKCSI survey is 77.6.

The IET’s member and customer services manager, Paula Gardiner, said: “I am delighted with the results of the external customer service survey. It clearly demonstrates that overall our members and customers are very satisfied with the service we provide.

“However, there is always room for improvement so the analysis of the results will be invaluable in enabling us to focus on areas where this can be achieved.

“The survey was sent out to 3,200 members randomly selected from the IET database. We would like to thank all those members who took the time to complete the survey as your feedback is very important to us.”


Next steps

After evaluating the results of the survey, proposed action plans to help the IET deliver a continuous programme of customer service improvement will be presented to the IET Operating Committee in December 2012.

Please look out for further updates, which will be published on Member News online.

If you’d like any further information at this stage, please contact Paula Gardiner via email at pgardiner@theiet.org.