IET scholar graduates MEng with first class honours

28 August 2012
By Keri Allan
Adam Malpass

Adam Malpass was awarded an IET Jubilee Scholarship in 2008 and has now graduated from his master’s degree in electronic engineering with first class honours.

On discovering his results Adam contacted the IET to thank the organisation for sponsoring him through his degree at the University of Southampton. However, his success story doesn’t end there – Adam also received the Head of School Prize for achieving the highest performance in his department throughout his degree.

“I was absolutely delighted to achieve a first class honours master’s degree and win the Head of School Prize for overall highest achievement, as this was testament to all the hard work I've put in over the last four years. It was made even better by that fact that the morning of my graduation was the first sunny day we had in about two months,” he jokes.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to do all this without the support of the IET, so thank you again for everything. I really hope to stay connected with the IET throughout the rest of my career.”

Life as an engineering student

Adam has had a passion for science and technology for as long as he can remember, always interested in finding out how things work and experimenting with fun gadgets, so it was a natural choice for him to go on to study engineering.

“Being an engineering student was a lot of fun, I learned a huge amount and there was a great mixture of theoretical and practical content,” he says. “This aspect in particular was very important, as it allowed me to put everything I'd learned into practice, as well as being excited to see a project you've been working on come to life and make in impact.

“Outside of the course itself I always tried to make the most of everything else on offer at the University and made sure to try at least one new society every year. There are a lot of opportunities to try something different that you can only really get as a student, so I would advise everyone to make the most of it whilst they still can.”

IET scholarships - financial support for students

Adam joined the IET as a student member when he first began university and heard about the scholarships it offers via the IET website.

“I applied since I knew it would be beneficial to have the IET's support throughout my degree, plus of course the financial assistance has been very useful,” he says.

“I used the scholarship funds to help take additional courses and training that would have otherwise not been available to me,” he continues. “I am a strong believer in always continuing my education, so I've done additional training in both technical and non-technical skills, for example in leadership, management, and analogue circuit design.

“It was also useful to help support me in unexpected events, such as when my laptop broke the week before I was due to start university! Lastly, I think the network it has helped me build has also been tremendously important. I've kept in touch with several of the other scholarship holders at other universities and it has been useful to share our experiences.”

Benefits of IET student membership

He also believes he gains a lot from student membership of the IET.

“I receive copies of E&T magazine, which is useful to keep up to date with important news in the industry. The IET website also has a lot of useful information for students, for example guides for helping you with project work and other study skills.

“I think in general getting involved with the IET early on in my career can only be a good thing as it will make things easier in the future when I am looking into professional registration to become a Chartered Engineer,” he adds.

An engineering career begins…

This September (2012) Adam begins working full-time for Dialog Semiconductor.

“I worked for them in Tokyo, Japan, last summer designing power management ICs for mobile devices,” he explains.

“I am going to spend my first year gaining an overview of the whole business, switching between their different design teams around Europe and then plan on going back to Japan for a bit, to help me bring some of their incredible technological know-how back to the UK. I'm really excited now to put everything into practice properly in industry,” he enthuses.

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