Unique opportunity for IET London: Savoy Place

11 June 2012
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IET London: Savoy Place

IET venue likely to be a host venue during the Olympics.

The outstanding facilities and exceptional customer service delivered by the IET’s award winning flagship venue – IET London: Savoy Place – have not gone unnoticed in recent months. Out of the hundreds of venues available in London, the IET’s has been given the exciting opportunity to be a host venue for a National Olympic Committee (NOC) during this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. This provides a unique opportunity for the IET to showcase its facilities, experience and history on an international stage.

The licence agreement with the host country is in the final stages of approval, but it is anticipated that the majority of the building will be dedicated over to the Olympic client from 12 July to 19 August 2012. The IET is therefore recommending that during this summer period, staff and members find alternative venues or postpone trips to IET London: Savoy Place.

What areas will be affected?

During this period, access to most of the building will be limited for both staff and members alike. The Olympic client will have sole use of most event spaces, including the Kelvin Lounge, Appleton Rooms, Blumlein Room, Watson-Watt and Main Reception. Access to the building for members will be through the East Side entrance.

What does this mean for members?

Unfortunately, there will be no meeting room space or Kelvin Lounge facilities available for member hire during this period. However, alternative tea, coffee and casual seating arrangements will be provided within the library on a very restricted scale. In addition, to ensure an uninterrupted research service for our members, full Library services will continue to be offered between 10am and 4pm.


This opportunity is very exciting for the IET, and although it will place huge demands on the IET London: Savoy Place venue and team, it gives the Institution a one-off chance to play an integral part of the Games alongside our current activities associated with promoting engineering around the Olympics.

Throughout the Games, travel time in and out of London will be impacted, especially at major rail and tube hubs. Members are advised to plan journeys well in advance, and to avoid travel into central London unless absolutely necessary. You can find out more information about public transport and anticipated travel hot-spots on the Get Ahead of the Games website.

Who do I ask for more information?

For more information about the Olympic booking and how it may affect you, please contact your event coordinator at IET London: Savoy Place to discuss specific events or email Sean Spencer at sspencer@theiet.org for general queries.