What do members think of the IET?

10 April 2012
IET Communications team
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Results of the 2011 Membership Satisfaction Survey.

In October 2011, the IET invited 16,000 members to take part in an online survey of membership satisfaction, to measure and understand member perceptions of the IET, feelings of engagement and satisfaction. Almost 1,400 members took part in the survey, and the key findings are described below. You can also view the full set of results (accessible by members only) in a PowerPoint presentation.

Who responded?

The profile of survey respondents was broadly representative of the IET’s 152,000 members in terms of job role, sector and geographic region. Members aged over 40 years, retired members, those with over 10 years’ membership and Fellows were slightly over-represented in the 1,383 respondents, and members aged under 40 years and students were therefore under-represented.

The IET is viewed as professional and respected

We asked members to tell us which of 10 words best describe their perceptions of the IET - the most frequently selected words were “professional” and “respected”.

Members provide extremely valuable PR

Almost 90% of members say positive things about the IET to colleagues and peers, and more than 70% of members recommend membership to others. Delving deeper into the results shows that students, Fellows and women are the IET’s best ambassadors - they are more likely than the average to say positive things about the IET “often”.

We need to demonstrate value to younger members

When we asked members to rate the value they receive from their membership of the IET, the mean score was 3.2 out of 5. However, this score was slightly lower amongst those aged 40 years or under. Likewise, when we asked members to compare the value they receive from their IET membership versus their membership of other professional engineering institutions, although the IET scored well overall, members aged 40 or under rated the IET slightly lower than respondents aged over 40.

We need to show how membership helps members to do their job and progress their career

Only 39% of members indicated that IET membership has improved their ability to do their job. This had been identified as an area for improvement, and the rollout of tailored membership packages for each career stage has been designed to address this.

"Graduate Advantage" was launched last year to make sure that IET membership offers maximum value to new graduates moving into the workplace. Later in 2012, "Career Advantage" and "Professional Advantage" will be launched to maintain the relevance of IET membership as engineers and technicians progress towards professional registration.

The IET’s core activities are very highly regarded

We asked members to rate the importance of a number of IET products and services and indicate how satisfied they are with them, using a scale of 1 to 5. As you would hope, the most important products and services received very high satisfaction scores; including E&T magazine, professional registration and professional development.

Accreditation of university degree programmes is also very highly regarded, and IET websites rated as a strength, which is very rewarding following the recent work to establish website verticals (like www.theiet.org/electrical and www.theiet.org/faraday) and redesign the main IET website.

The IET’s education, policy and media activities attracted high importance scores, but slightly lower satisfaction ratings. Plans are in place to raise the profile of these successful activities amongst the membership.

Next steps

The key action points from the survey are now being integrated into IET plans.

These include:  

* Develop Corporate Partnerships as a channel to help members in their jobs
* Research into potential new services for engineers
* Continue with tailored membership offerings for each career stage
* Raise the profile of our activities in PR, policy and Education 5-19
* Continue to invest in communities as a highly regarded offering amongst the under 40s

More information

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Sarah Jenkins, the IET’s Strategy Development & Planning Manager.