IET email alias – terms of service

The IET email alias is provided under the following terms of service and any additional rules, guidelines and policies issued by the Institution.

  1. Users are responsible for all activities that occur using their IET alias address. They must not allow use by a third party and must immediately notify the IET at aliassupport@theiet.org of any unauthorised use or other breach of security.
  2. Users must ensure that their IET alias address is not used for the transmission of offensive material and that it is not associated with offensive material or any activity that might contravene the IET byelaws and disciplinary rules.
  3. The IET accepts no responsibility for code or data contained in forwarded email and the responsibility for the content of emails remains with the user.
  4. If the terms of service are not abided by, the IET reserves the right to withdraw the service with or without notice.
  5. The service will be suspended if it is not possible to forward mail to the user's registered email forwarding address, or if the amount of traffic to a particular alias address disrupts the general operation of the service. The IET accepts no responsibility for messages which are not forwarded due to anti-spoofing or similar software.
  6. The service will be withdrawn from any user who resigns or lapses from membership of the IET. Any such user who subsequently rejoins the IET shall not be entitled to have the service reinstated or request a new email alias.
  7. An IET email alias does not authorise the user to represent the IET or to act on behalf of the IET.
  8. The IET reserves the right to monitor the content of emails to ensure compliance with the terms of service. The IET will maintain the confidentiality of all emails.
  9. The IET may withdraw the service by giving not less than six months’ notice in writing. Such notice shall be given by email to the address given for the forwarding of emails under the service.
  10. The IET may modify the terms of service from time to time. Any changes will be notified to users by email and use of the service after such notification is an acceptance of the modified terms.