Nominate a friend or colleague for IET membership

Help us to create and support a new generation of engineers and technicians

Why nominate a friend or colleague for IET membership?

Membership of the IET says a great deal about you.  It’s a clear demonstration of your commitment to professionalism and best practice.  But above all else, your membership shows you have a genuine passion for your subject. So why not nominate a friend or colleague?

By nominating someone, you also act as their supporter, and as an established member, your friend or colleague will not require an interview or further steps once we have received their application.


Our only requirements for nomination are:

  • The individual you nominate should have worked as a professional in an engineering or technology field relevant to the IET;
  • You consider them to have the appropriate level of professional knowledge, integrity and competence.

Nominating someone couldn’t be easier – simply send us an email with the individuals name and current email address, and we’ll do the rest.

Visit our MIET and TMIET web pages for further details on the requirements for membership.