MyIdea is where members suggest ways to improve the IET.

MyIdea light bulb Enlighten us: we welcome your ideas

If you’re an IET member and you’ve got any ideas on how we could improve our products and services - use MyIdea to let us know.

If it’s something that can be implemented, measured, and if it ties in with the IET's values, we’ll work together to make it happen. We will respond to all ideas submitted and their progress can be tracked online.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for suggestions that will add real value to the IET as an institution. To do this, ideas will either contribute to our strategic development or our financial sustainability. Any suggestions will be checked against our legal and contractual compliance, to make sure that we’re safely able to put them in place.

If you’d like to learn more about our strategic priorities, read our Strategy for the 21st Century.




The IET's password policy has been updated
In February 2017, the IET introduced a stronger password policy. We are now enforcing this for all users. If you have not updated your password since that date you will need to re-set your password before logging in.

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