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Introducing the Innovation Management Technical Network (TN)

Navigating the innovation journey

An introduction from the Chair 

Dr. Deepak Gupta FIET FAPM

If entrepreneurship is the heartbeat that ensures future needs and aspirations are met, innovation is the lifeblood that successfully implements those novel ideas by giving them form and function. 

All economies, advanced or developing, require innovation to grow and survive across all sectors. Innovation Management (or managing innovation) is the art and practice of identifying and overcoming challenges on the journey in bringing ideas and innovations to fruition. 

This Technical Network seeks to support all those involved in research and technology-based innovation, in whichever roles they hold (from engineer/researcher to director) and at any point they may be on their innovation journey (concept to product). The Innovation Management Network is one pillar of the IET strategy – to support technology innovation to solve the current and future needs of society worldwide.

We exist to support entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, investors, academics/universities and RTOs, funding bodies, and, working with the IET Policy Panels, the Government as well. Our network seeks to provide an increased understanding of the innovation journey, and the challenges along the way, and to provide support mechanisms to overcome and circumnavigate these challenges.

Since founding the network in mid-2019, our committee of enthusiastic volunteers brings a wealth and diversity of skills and experience in technology, engineering, funding, business and innovation across several sectors, public and private. 

Our webinar series, which is available on-demand covers topics such as gaining funding (Angel and VC), the innovation journey and protecting IP.

As part of our innovation community, we look forward to engaging with you.

We always welcome feedback, whether on existing content, suggesting future topics, or proposing collaboration opportunities. 

If, you would like to apply to join the committee you can contact us directly via the details at the bottom of the page.