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Young professional buddy

A young professional buddy provides a sounding board for setting career goals and offers impartial and confidential guidance and support during a member's early career.

Students and recent graduates are faced with a lot of careers information and opportunities and face a number of choices at an early stage that can affect the rest of their career.  A young professional offers insight from their own experiences, and offers impartial guidance and support at a stage where members find themselves faced with a number of daunting decisions.
A buddy can help:
  • prepare for and adapt to the culture and formalities of the workplace;
  • deal with the steep learning curve that comes with finding and starting in your first professional experience;
  • make the transition from education into early career development, and towards a successful future;
  • identify and plan for your career goals and professional development;
  • make the most of opportunities and progression in your career.

If you are a student or recent graduate and find yourself facing these decisions, then you can complete a form and register to be paired with a young professional buddy.

If you are interested in volunteering with the IET, then please visit the volunteering opportunities page to view all the available roles and find out how you can volunteer in general with the IET.  If you are interested in the Young Professional Buddy Role, please read the role description, download and complete the form and send this to us along with a copy of your CV.