Mentor training

The IET provides mentor training for volunteer mentors through the IET Mentoring Service.

The IET expects all mentors volunteering with the IET Mentoring Service to attend training to support their role. The IET provides the following free training and support to all volunteer IET mentors:

Volunteer Mentor Training

The IET offers mentoring webinars for volunteer mentors. These sessions cover both the soft skills involved in mentoring and also an overview of the professional registration process. Sessions are run throughout the year, at different times of day to accommodate the differing needs of our mentors. 

The IET offers mentoring workshops for volunteer mentors as needed. These events are provided free of charge to those who have a mentee through the service and reasonable expenses will be covered. If there is a mentor event planned in your area, then you will be invited as these occur. 

If you have any questions about mentor training for volunteers, or any other aspects of volunteer mentoring, please contact mentoring@theiet.org

In-company mentor training

The professional development courses team provide both publically available and in-company mentor training courses to meet the needs of those providing in-company support. For more information visit the professional development courses page or e-mail the team at pdcourses@theiet.org for further details.