Carbon capture: attend the meeting

Information on attending the meeting.

You attend this meeting and the senior manager who is running the policy team makes it clear early on that the NGO intends to oppose any implementation of CCS technology and that all consultation documents, lobbying and publicity activity will be consistent with this end. Therefore all members of the team, yourself included, are expected to present the contribution that they can make to support this position. 

From your knowledge of the main areas of debate, and the initial research that you have done, you are aware that there is significant uncertainty over the important considerations that will determine whether the outlook for CCS as a carbon reduction technology is favourable or not. On the other hand, you are employed by the NGO and this at least gives you some reason to take the request seriously.

Nonetheless, you are uncomfortable with the request that you focus your efforts on arguing against CCS, and are unclear as to how to proceed. In order to help you decide, you take a number of follow up actions:


1. In order to express these concerns, you arrange to have a follow up meeting with the senior manager in charge of the team.

2. You review the latest government communications on CCS, including the establishment of a new Office of Carbon Capture and Storage (OCCS) within the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

3. You read some publications by a local pressure group that has been formed near the site of one of the proposed large scale trial.

4. You discuss the situation you find yourself in with a professional colleague, and ask her advice.

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