Professional Development Partnership

The Professional Development Partnership (PDP) represents the aspirations of five institutions (the IET, the IMechE, the RAeS, the IoP and the IMarEST)) to provide a common policy on professional development.

Working together

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS),the Institute of Physics (IoP), the Institution of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST), have formed the Professional Development Partnership (PDP), working together to align their policies and promote good practice in professional development.

Shared aspirations

The PDP is committed to spreading the word to members and employers about good practice in lifelong learning, in line with the terms of its memorandum of understanding.

A professional development policy, based on shared aspirations, has been developed, and will continue to evolve. Alongside the policy, a joint website (PD-How2) has been developed to assist members and employers in the planning and undertaking of structured development.

This partnership allows members from different engineering bodies to compare notes and seek advice from colleagues of any discipline. The seamless transition between initial and continuing development allows members to adhere to a single, comprehensive approach to planning and recording, from graduation through to retirement.

Delivering value through joint products and services

The range of products and services developed, whether by individual institutions or by sub-groups within the partnership, provide practical support for members at all stages of their professional development.

Whilst the emphasis is on members managing their own professional development, the implementation of a common framework for initial and continuing professional development raises the value of membership in the eyes of employers, to the benefit of members. By keeping institution-specific documentation to a minimum, a common framework can be easily adopted by employers, to support professional development of all their engineers and scientists. As a result, registration and the administration of professional development schemes become straightforward. Our work in providing joint accreditation of initial professional development (IPD) schemes is one example of this.

Whether you are a member, or an employer, you can be assured that the professional development partnership will continue to seek to provide a framework for professional development that not only delivers value, but is readily understandable and user-friendly.