Doing CPD

Managing your CPD activities, and how the IET can help.

Make your plan happen

If you need materials, finance or other resources, research where you can obtain them and make bookings, orders or applications to fit in with your timescales.

Get your manager/colleagues/mentor on board

If someone is helping you, arrange to meet with them to discuss what you need. Don't be afraid to ask for help - generally people like to be approached for help, just ensure you are concise about what you need and let them know the outcome.

Undertake the development activities you have planned

Allocate time in your diary and undertake your CPD activities. When planning and recording your CPD, remember the acronym TWAVES.

  • Training courses;
  • Work experience;
  • Academic study;
  • Volunteering;
  • Events and seminars;
  • Self-study.

How can the IET help me do my CPD?

CPD activities

CPD isn't just about attending structured activities such as training courses. Training courses are an excellent form of CPD, but there are also many other activities that count towards your CPD and here we give you some suggestions.

CPD directory

A directory of products and services provided by the IET to support your CPD, many of which are free or discounted to members.