Supporting roles for initial professional development

A brief description of the supporting roles you may be asked to undertake when supporting candidates towards professional registration.

There are a number of roles which support candidates working toward professional registration.  Some of these are roles that you may be asked to undertake and others are roles you will need to understand.  Whilst the roles are different, it may be that you support the candidate in a number of ways and take on more than one role.  


The role of the mentor is to guide the candidate towards becoming a competent professional, able to contribute to the company and the engineering profession.  They will work closely with the mentee but ideally will not be in a direct supervisory relationship with them.  They will challenge the candidate and provide guidance and feedback; for professional registration they will support the candidate with the task of self-assessment of competence and review the mentee's progress toward professional registration.  You do no need to be a member of the IET to mentor a candidate or provide support toward professional registration.

Further information about mentoring and the IET mentoring service, as well as mentoring training are available to support you in this activity.

Roles within Career Manager

Within Career Manager there are also a number of different roles which support professional registration activity.  As a candidate works toward professional registration they are expected to develop competence and keep records of any evidence which demonstrates this development.  Career Manager allows candidates to undertake a self-assessment of their competence against the required standard for their desired professional registration category and have this verified by a mentor or line manager.  This process is referred to as interim verification within Career Manager and allows candidates to gain outside feedback on their development and stay on track. 

When a candidate is ready to submit a professional registration application they will need to have a supporter (as described above) validate their application.  In Career Manager the process of a supporter signing off a professional registration application is referred to as validation. 

Both verification and validation require a candidate to issue a guest ticket which temporarily allows their mentor or supporter access to Career Manager to the areas that they want signed off.  Guest tickets do not require you to be a member of the IET to use them.  

Professional Registration Advisor (PRA)

A professional registration advisors (PRA) is a volunteer with detailed knowledge of the requirements and routes to professional registration. They are able to advise on the application process and the presentation aspect of the final application. 

Candidates can find a professional registration advisor through the search in the professional registration section.

Industry Representative (IR)

Industry representatives are members who are interested in promoting the activities of the IET within their workplace. They act as a link between the IET and their organisation and offer general information on membership or professional registration.


A supporter is someone that endorses an application for either membership or professional registration.  For membership a supporter's role is to confirm, from their personal knowledge, that the applicant has the appropriate knowledge and understanding and is a suitable candidate to use the IET’s designatory letters.  For professional registration a supporter's role should ideally be a registered engineer who has detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the candidate's work so that all the information in the application can be verified.  

Further guidance for supporters is available with the forms that you are asked to complete for either membership or professional registration.