Initial professional development (IPD) checklists

Guidance for those working toward professional registration specific to their experience or background.

The professional registration application process and the required standards of competence are the same, no matter your background.  However, the journey toward registration may differ depending on your background and experience.  

The following guidance and checklists are aimed at members at a particular career stage to help them work toward professional registration.

Making the most of your placement or internship for professional registration

If you are still in full time study or have just completed your education and undertaking an internship then you can start your professional development to ensure that you make the most of your work experience.



Guidance for new graduates or early career graduates

If you are in your first substantive post or starting on a graduate career path, this information will help you to structure your development.


PDF Graduate path (94 k)


Guidance for technicians (EngTech/ICTTech) aspiring to CEng or IEng

If you have already achieved EngTech or ICTTech you may find that as your career develops you want to transfer your professional registration from technician (EngTech or ICTTech) to Chartered Engineer (CEng) or Incorporate Engineer (IEng).



Information of collecting evidence and building a portfolio of evidence

As you work toward professional registration you will amass a number of examples of tasks or projects which demonstrate your professional engineering competence.  You can use this information to build a portfolio of evidence which shows how you have developed and make reference to this in your Career Manager competence assessment.



Support from the IET

If you have a number of years before you may be ready to apply, it is recommended that candidates working toward professional registration register their intention to work toward professional registration.  

If you are ready to apply it is recommended that you discuss your application with a professional registration advisor (PRA) prior to submission.