Lifeskills workshops

"A skill necessary or desirable for every day working life"

Our Lifeskills workshops are designed to provide a brief introduction on a range of key topics such as Fundamentals of Project Management, Effective Negotiation, CPD and Want to Become Professionally Registered.

These short and interactive sessions will help enhance your skills within your professional life. We encourage members and non-members to attend the workshops as they are a great opportunity to network and increase your knowledge and skills free of charge! They also count towards 3 hours of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

To view the full range of topics we deliver you can view our Lifeskills Overviews.

For a full list and further information please see our Lifeskills Portfolio.

Attending a Lifeskills

If you are looking to attend a Lifeskills workshop you can find your local network here.

For a list of upcoming workshops please see our Events Calendar.

Organising a Lifeskills

Lifeskills can only be organised by an IET Local Network Organiser (LNO) for each network. If you currently represent your local region and would like to book a workshop you can contact our training coordinators on the email address below to discuss.

LNO Process Flowchart


If you are a company looking to book a Lifeskills in-house we can accommodate your request, however, this will be charged due to the IET's charitable remit. Contact our training coordinators via email or telephone who will be happy to provide your organisation with a quote.

Contact us

Phone: +44 (0)1438 765616

Email: lsbookings@theiet.org

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