Career Manager Quick Guides

If you are using Career Manager and would like some further guidance on how to use the tool, you can download a copy of our Career Manager quick guides.

Preparing your professional registration application

If you are starting to or are in the process of completing your professional registration application via Career Manager this guide will show you step-by-step how you complete your application through the tool.

Please note that this will not provide guidance on the evidence or content of your application. If you would like specific guidance on the content and presentation of your application, please contact your local Professional Registration Advisor.

Verifying Professional Registration Applications via guest ticket

If you have been asked to support an application for Professional Registration this guide will show you step-by-step, how to complete the verification process.

Providing further evidence for your Professional Registration application

If you have been asked to provide further evidence via Career Manager to support a previously submitted professional registration application, this guide will show you how to complete and submit your evidence through the tool.

Recording your CPD in Career Manager

These guides will show you how to plan, add and record your CPD activities using the tool.

Submitting your CPD Declaration

This guide will show you how to submit your annual CPD Return to the IET via Career Manager.

Using Career Manager as a Student

If you are currently studying full-time, or undertaking further learning then this guide will show you how to make the most of Career Manager including undertaking a competence assessment and sending this to a tutor or personal mentor.  It will also show you how you can set objectives and actions and record any activities outside of your studies as CPD Activities.

Undertaking a Competence Assessment

If you are working towards professional registration, this guide will show you how to undertake a Professional Registration Competence Assessment via Career Manager, and send to your mentor or supporters. It will also show you how you can set objectives and actions against your chosen UK-SPEC framework.

Adding a competence assessment to your registration application supporting documents

If you would like to add your verified competence assessment (also known as Verified Assessment Summary) to your professional registration application supporting documents, this guide will show you how to add this to accompany your application. 

Linking to your IET accredited scheme 

If you are on an IET accredited scheme, this guide will show you how you can link to your scheme through Career Manager.


If you would like any further assistance or information on Career Manager, please contact career-manager@theiet.org