Is a management role right for you?

Thinking of becoming a manager? Here are a few things for you to think about before making that application.

A group working with a white board The role of a manager carries many responsibilities. A manager's job is to know the objectives of their department and how to achieve them, therefore making the transition into management can be daunting.

To decide whether a career in management is right for you, consider what it is you want from a career and what the advantages and disadvantages to working in management would be. Also consider the reasons why you want to become a manager.

What do you want from your career?

In terms of deciding what it is you want from a career, consider whether you have been entirely satisfied with your technical roles to date because a career in management will utilise more of your soft skills than technical skills.

Some of the reasons for taking a management role include:

  • to lead and train others;
  • to help others succeed;
  • to gain experience of more varied roles;
  • to gain more responsibility;
  • to enhance leadership skills.

Advantages and disadvantages of a career in management

There are both advantages and disadvantages to a career in management. Advantages may include an increase in earnings, greater authority and a sense of achievement. Disadvantages may include taking responsibility for the actions of others and removing yourself from colleagues you may have once been close to.

In many cases there will be some things about management that appeal to you and some things that do not. If you are unsure whether management is right for you, speak to your own manager or human resources department.

Developing your management skills

You may be able to gain some experience first by managing a project or taking on responsibility for a new employee, which will be on a shorter term basis. Another good way to develop these skills can be working as a buddy or mentor to new or less experienced staff. You can share your skills and experience and help others to develop their skills and competence and this will in turn allow you to develop the relevant skills and confidence to progress in to a management role.