CV's, applications and interviews

Here we take a look at the various stages of a job application process including CV writing, application forms, interviews and selection tests.

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Writing a CV

Expert advice on how to write a successful CV.

CV dos and don'ts

CV writing advice: what you should - and shouldn’t  - put on your CV.

Writing your CV - hints and tips

This CV writing guide, developed by an IET professional skills trainer, aims to give you some useful hints and tips to create a CV that will get you noticed.

Writing your CV - the perfect ‘further interests’ section

Find out how to write the perfect ‘further interests’ section of your CV, and why it’s so important to get it right.

CV formats

Information about the main formats of a CV - the chronological, functional, targeted and performance formats, as well as advice on how students and new graduates should format their CV.

Application form top tips

Expert advice on how to sell your skills on a job application form.

Covering letter advice

When you apply for a job, you should always include a covering letter with your application. A covering letter provides you with an opportunity to promote yourself to an employer and present your application in context.

Interview preparation advice

Expert advice on how to prepare for a job interview.

How to prepare for a telephone interview

It is important to prepare yourself for a telephone interview just as you would for a face-to-face appointment.

Introduction to selection tests

Information and advice on tests used during the job recruitment and selection process.

Psychometric tests simplified

Demystify psychometrics and reveal what these assessments actually involve and are being used to achieve.

Video interviews - top tips

Information on video interviews: what to expect and how to prepare.

10 simple tips to reduce stress in any interview situation

How you think about stress can shape your response to it — and there are ways of thinking about stress to support resilience, health and happiness.

Ten top tips for succeeding in interviews

These top ten job interview tips will help you improve your chances of successfully securing a new role.

Useful interview techniques

By having a range of interview techniques under your belt, you’ll be able to face a wide variety of interview formats with confidence.

How to deal with tricky interview questions

Find out how to approach those tricky job interview questions and sell your skills to a potential employer.

Ten must-have skills that'll get you hired

Executive recruiter David G. Jensen lists the top ten skills recruiters look out for.

How to handle a job rejection

Dealing with a job rejection can be tough, but it can also be a great learning opportunity and a chance to improve your employability.

How to handle job offers

How should you respond to job offers when accepting or declining, and what is the right way to manage multiple offers?