Job-hunting online

Information on searching for jobs online.

The word 'job' on a computer screen The Internet is a great resource for job hunters, however without preparation and a plan in place it can become complex and time consuming.


Before you start your search online, first identify the type of job you are looking for. To do this you should consider:

  • Your qualifications;
  • your skills and qualities;
  • your experience and training;
  • the geographical location you'd like to work in;
  • the salary you wish to earn (you should be realistic).

You should then consider the type of job that would suit you. You should think about:

  • Jobs that match your interests;
  • which qualifications, experiences and skills are required for these jobs;
  • the types of opportunities and prospects you want.

When applying for jobs, you should have an up-to-date CV, a covering letter and an idea of when you need to get a job by.

Where to look for jobs online

There are many places you can search for jobs online.

These include:

  • Individual companies;
  • Engineering & Technology Jobs
  • recruitment agencies;
  • other professional bodies;
  • websites for specific user groups;
  • newspaper, magazine and journal sites;
  • sector skills council sites.

Further tips on applying for a job.