Coping with redundancy

Information on dealing with the threat and reality of redundancy.

A man holding a box with his office possessions in If you are going through the process of redundancy, or believe that your job may be at risk, plan your remaining time and use this time to update your CV and professional development records, then begin considering your options.

Ensure that you know your rights - speak to your trade union or human resources representative about the redundancy policy.

Make use of your networks

Look up old friends and colleagues - almost everyone has a network of associates who are in the industry and many of them will have an idea of vacancies or opportunities that are not advertised. It may also give you the inspiration for an area where you can create your own opportunities through consultant or self-employed roles.

Update your CV

Ensure you have an up-to-date copy of your CV ready, including your current job role, in case you decide to make a change. If it has been a while since you last reviewed your experience, you may want to review your skills and undertake a self-assessment of your competence.

Remain positive

Try to remain positive - you may see this as an opportunity for a change and wish to look into re-training or moving into a different sector. Look at the skills you have and any that you need to develop or improve; a useful way of doing this is to build an online job profile using Career Manager for the job that you aspire to.

This will allow you to assess your current skill level against the profile you have created and use the system to consider the objectives you need to undertake in order to reach your goal.

IET Connect - unemployment support

IET Connect, the IET’s benevolent fund, exists to support IET members and their immediate families and can provide help to members around the world on topics including redundancy and unemployment.

If you are looking for work it may be able to provide you with a free place on a career coaching programme to help you with your job searching and return to work. The programmes are tailored to meet your needs and include one-to-one sessions. They are provided in the UK through a specialist partner and in many other countries through an international partnership. 

Financial support and legal advice

If you are having financial difficulties IET Connect may be able to provide you with some short-term financial support to assist with one-off needs or day-to-day living costs.

If you need advice on your rights, IET Connect’s free legal advice line can help. It is provided through a law specialist and covers a broad range of employment related topics including compromise agreements, unfair dismissal and contracts. It is available to IET members in the UK and other EU countries.

For more information on the support available, visit the IET Connect website.