Case studies

An insight into those working in engineering and technology; the paths to get there and the challenges they face in their current roles.

Meet David Fraser

David has spent his working life in business technology, yet classes himself an engineer first and foremost. Here he discusses his career path from university through to becoming an IET Fellow.

Meet Dr Ebrahim Mattar

Dr Ebrahim Mattar has followed an academic career and is currently working hard towards his professorship and IET Fellow status. He enjoys the world of research, having published many papers on robotics, lectures at the University of Bahrain and is an active volunteer.


Meet Elmer Moncada

With a dream of becoming an electrical engineer, Elmer moved from Spain to the UK with little experience, qualifications or money and no English. Working at hotels and restaurants to earn enough money, he took English classes and went on to complete a degree. His dream is now reality and he’s held consultant engineer roles in both London and Doha, Qatar.


Meet Janice Man

Janice has carved herself out a successful international career as an engineering contractor. Her main challenges have included dealing with cultural differences and the bouts of unemployment that can come with self-employment.


Meet Hisham Rojoa

Engineering entrepreneur Hisham runs several companies in Mauritius. He’s overcome many issues in building his businesses, including finding funding, but enjoys the challenge of working as both a business owner and a hands-on engineer.


Meet Michelle Richmond

Richmond works at the IET as the director of Membership and Professional Development. Having begun her career as an apprentice, she’s worked her way up from microwave design engineering to managing complex military projects for private companies. A past Young Women Engineer of the Year, after around 25 years in industry she then made the jump to work for a professional body.