Transferable skills

How to identify and make the most of your transferable skills.

Cranes moving letters to spell the word skills One of the biggest challenges when making a career change is to market yourself in such a way that you highlight your key skills and convince employers that you can do the job.

Throughout your career you would have picked up skills that can be applied in many different circumstances. These are known as transferable skills.

Transferable skills include:

  • People skills - your ability to communicate, motivate and lead a team or successfully coach, mentor or train people;
  • technical skills - knowledge of computer programmes or more practical things such as being able to carry out repairs;
  • data skills - research or analytical skills.

Identifying your transferable skills

You can identify your transferable skills by looking at job specifications across a range of industries and determining what they have in common. You can then map your findings against your current job by considering tasks that you do on a regular basis and making a list of them.

Highlighting your transferable skills

When you complete your CV, you should highlight these skills and substantiate your claims by providing examples.

Your CV should outline your relevant skills up front as these may detract from the fact that you do not have relevant work experience. You should remember that the purpose of your CV is to convince an employer that you are a suitable candidate.

You can also use a personal statement to highlight your key skills and achievements.