Career information

Information on career planning, job hunting, career progression, working abroad, changing direction and taking a career break.

Woman considering her career options Throughout your career you’ll always come across new challenges to face and decisions to make. In this section we provide a wide selection of information and advice related to your career, whatever stage you may be at.

You’ll also find useful links to services offered by the IET and external organisations that can support both your personal and professional development. 

Career planning

Planning your career can substantially help your professional achievement.

Job searching

Expert advice on planning an effective job search, how to research potential employers and top tips on applications, tests and interviews.

Career progression

Information on taking your career to the next level.

Changing direction: self-employment and consultancy

Information for people considering a new career path, such as moving into a consultancy or self-employed role.

Working abroad

Information on the advantages and practicalities of working abroad.

Career breaks and support

Advice on taking a career break including sources of support for those dealing with redundancy or other career related issues.

Case studies

Case studies provide an insight into some of the engineering and technology challenges that others face, and show you how their choices led them to be where they are today.