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We’ll help you add to your skillset with lifelong support and quality professional development planning. You’ll join over 168,000 members all working towards a common goal of engineering a better world together, plus being part of the Institution does wonders for your career prospects.

  • Join our Local Networks and Technical and Professional Networks to stay up to date with the industry and make connections.
  • Take part in our mentoring service with one-to-one support to reach your goals.
  • Get discounts for over 1,500 events and courses and broaden your horizons.
  • Watch live streams of seminars and lectures from the brightest minds in the industry on our very own TV channel, IET.tv.
  • Make use of our digital, virtual and reference libraries and borrow books, journals and more for some light (or not so light) reading.
  • Gain access to our members lounges and computer suites in London and Birmingham.
  • Sign up for volunteering and gain experiences outside your day today.

If you’d like more information on joining, simply text IETMOD and your full name to 62277 or email join@theiet.org. Find out how much Armed Forces membership costsPlease note that you are required to be a member of the IET before submitting your application for professional registration.