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The IET celebrates World Engineering Day!

This is the first international day that celebrates engineering for sustainable development and is an opportunity to promote the profession and raise awareness of its importance, whilst also encouraging the next generation of engineers.


The IET believes in highlighting the achievements of engineers and engineering in our modern world and wants to improve the public’s understanding of how engineering and technology is fundamental to society and a sustainable future.

The World Engineering Day logo includes the 17 colours of the UN Sustainable Development Goals which represent the commitment to the UN 2030 Agenda. The colours at the centre of the logo are for the Sustainable Development Goals for Water, Energy, Sustainable Infrastructure and Innovation, which are the main areas where engineers are needed most. The goal for Engineering Education is also central as the world needs more engineers with the right skills for sustainable development.

James Robottom, Sustainable Planet Lead at the IET, said: “The world is facing one of the most significant challenges it has ever encountered. The responsibility to drastically reduce our impact on the climate, whilst continuing to develop and prosper in a sustainable way falls on all areas, industries and sections of society. It is without doubt, one of the largest engineering challenges of our time, and one which the IET is determined to support.

“Engineers have the skills, insights and ingenuity to help tackle these challenges in ways that optimise efficiency, economy, safety and reliability. As engineers, we are problem-solvers and innovators, with a unique perspective on the world. Most of these challenges are significant, long term and require co-operation, collaboration and action from all over the world. Engineering is central to delivering them.”

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About the IET

  • We inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world.
  • We are a diverse home for engineering and technology intelligence throughout the world. This breadth and depth means we are uniquely placed to help the sector progress society.
  • We want to build the profile of engineering and technology to change outdated perceptions and tackle the skills gap. This includes encouraging more women to become engineers and growing the number of engineering apprentices.
  • Interview opportunities are available with our spokespeople from a range of engineering and technology disciplines including cyber-security, energy, engineering skills, innovation, manufacturing, technology, transport and diversity in engineering.
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