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Coronavirus: Free STEM education resources for young people

The IET’s resources provide free home-learning teaching resources and activities for both primary and secondary school children including lesson plans, handouts and videos. They aim to ensure children can be engaged and kept busy learning while their school is closed.

David Lakin, IET Head of Education, said: “The extraordinary situation we currently find ourselves in has affected all our lives, particularly young people, the vast majority who now find themselves being home schooled. In order to assist home educators, whether that’s parents or teachers teaching remotely, we’ve made our extensive range of exciting STEM activities available and easily accessible to all.

“We really hope this helps parents and other educators show children how fun and exciting STEM education can be.

“We’re delighted our resources have been shared by MPs including Valerie Vaz, Gill Furniss, Elliot Colburn and Andy McDonald to help spread the word and make home educators aware these resources are free and available for them to access.”

To access the IET’s education materials, please visit


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