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What the IET is doing around AI

With the potential to help people with improved healthcare, safer transport systems and tailored, cheaper and longer-lasting products and services, the opportunities AI represents are profound, across sectors and industries, as well as for public good.

What we need to see now is the UK government establishing firm rules on the use of AI, which will need to be based on professional best practice, transparency, robustness, avoidance of unwanted bias (fairness), privacy and security.

This is necessary to ensure AI is used safely and to help prevent incidents from occurring – and it is fundamental to maintaining public trust, which underpins the economic and social benefits AI can bring.

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IET spokespeople

We have AI experts, with specialisms spanning Healthcare, Digital Transformation and Defence, available to discuss how exactly AI has integrated our lives, and what the future may look like.

Please contact us with any media enquiries, spokespeople requests or for further information.