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Kidsplaining engineering

Sophie and Maddie

Aerodynamics & Performance Engineer Sophie Harker won both the Sir Henry Royce medal and was crowned the IET’s Young Woman Engineer in December. As an engineer working on future aircraft concepts, she is usually cool, calm and collected under pressure…until she had to explain to 6-year-old Madeline how you go to the toilet in space!

Kidsplaining - 6-year-old interviews an aerodynamicist

Dan and Joshua

Sgt Dan Hardwick is an RAF mechanical aircraft technician and scooped Armed Forces Technician of the Year at the Achievement Awards. Seven-year-old Joshua put Dan’s 20 years’ experience to the test and asked him the ultimate question – does Superman fly faster than one of his jets?

Kidsplaining - 7-year-old interviews an aircraft engineer

Guillem and Lorenzo

Biomedical engineer Guillem created the Neuroball to help his uncle move his arm again after a stroke. A finalist in the IET’s Innovation Awards, Guillem explains to 7-year-old Lorenzo all about the wonder of engineering – “If you find a problem that you really want to solve, you can be an engineer too”.

Kidsplaining - 7-year-old interviews an engineer