Skills framework for IT (SFIA)

The SFIA framework can help an individual to identify skills that they need to develop in order to progress their career.

What is SFIA?

SFIA stands for the ‘Skills Framework for the Information Age’ and details the skills required by professionals in IT related roles. It is used as a common language for skills in the digital world and can help you to create a development plan and identify a pathway to future success. SFIA also links directly to the knowledge required to become ICTTech registered.

The IET is a founding member of the SFIA Foundation - you can find out more about the SFIA Foundation and the framework by watching the below video or visiting their website.

Why should you use it?

If you are already an IET member, the SFIA framework is available to you via Career Manager, our intuitive online professional development tool. Assessing your skills against the SFIA framework can help you to:

  • Identify areas for development and devise a plan to help achieve your goals;
  • Share your development progress with your line manager or mentor for feedback;
  • Create your current skills profile and identify your strengths against global standards, including ICTTech competences;
  • Understand your current capability to plan future career moves.

SFIA for employers

Organisations can also take advantage of the SFIA framework, either for overall resource management or recruitment.

Benefits for employers:

  • Assists in standardising job roles;
  • Aids succession planning;
  • Provides clear descriptions of skills and levels of responsibility;
  • Gives individuals and organisations a common language to define skills, abilities & expertise;
  • Can be used to provide a baseline of the capability of an organisation or individuals;
  • Reduces IT project risks.

Help and discussions about SFIA can be found in our online engineering communities, where qualified ICTTech technicians can provide guidance and advice about SFIA and its competences. You can also speak with others who are at the same stage in their careers as you, the perfect way to share experiences and best practice ideas.