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Further information

How is this different from the Present Around The World (PATW) competition? 

PATW is an amazing competition that helps people to develop their in-person presentation skills. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted certain parts of the world to conduct in-person gatherings, we have developed a new competition to address the need for effective virtual presentation skills. The fact that heats for the #PresentIn10 competition are across different time zones, it also allows for networking of competitors from different places around the world. 

What if I have internet connectivity issues? 

If you experience internet connectivity issues during your presentation, the #PresentIn10 Facilitator will push your slot to the end of the heat to allow you time to fix any issues. If this still cannot be fixed within the heat timeframe, we will arrange for you to compete in another heat instead. 

How are the winners decided? 

There will be a panel of 3 judges for each heat and they will be assessing competitors against a set judging criterion.

50% of the mark will be for presentation style and 50% of the mark will be for technical content. A winner will be rewarded, and they will receive prize money. A runner up will also be chosen but they will not receive any prize money. If for some reason the heat winner is unable to attend the following stage, the runner up will take their place. 

How many people will I be competing against? 

The maximum number of competitors in any heat at any stage is 6. This is to ensure that the online event doesn’t exceed 2 hours. 

What are the dates for the other stages of the competition? 

Once a sufficient number of heats have taken place, the competition organisers will release dates for the subsequent stages. Competitors will be able to choose the date and time that suits them best. 

What online platform will you be using to host each heat?

We will be using Zoom. If this is restricted in your particular country please make the #PresentIn10 team aware.

Do I have to be a member of the IET to compete?

No, this competition is open to everyone, not just IET members. The only criteria is that you must be between 18-35 years old.