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Become a volunteer for the IET #PresentIn10 Competition

This competition has been developed by the IET’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) as a way to engage with young engineers and technicians in this virtual world we are now living in. Find out more about the #PresentIn10 Competition.
If you are interested in becoming a judge or host please email to register your interest and a member of the team will be in touch. Thank you.

Volunteer roles available


3 judges will be required for each heat and they will be asked to complete an online assessment of each competitor during their presentations. After each competitor has presented, judges will be taken to a separate virtual breakout room to discuss their scores and decide on an overall winner and runner up.


Responsible for welcoming everyone to the virtual event and set the scene for how the event will run, expectations of timings etc.

They will be the person leading the event so will be required to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances like internet connectivity issues of the competitors.

Key responsibilities:

  • Time the presentations
  • Announce the participant and topic 
  • Handle disruptions (like muting non-presenters) 
  • Coordinate and time Q&A after every presentation 
  • Move Judges to a breakout room for decision making 
  • Handle Presenter’s ‘in-flight' audience engagement tools (competitors must brief the host if any tools are required in advance i.e. polls/breakout rooms. 
  • Conduct a mini networking session while judges deliberate (ideas for this networking session will be provided in advance)
  • Handle live stream/recording of competition*
  • Send event metrics, reports and pictures* (including winner details) to IET Staff post-event
  • Make IET staff aware of any competitors who have internet connectivity issues and who need to be moved to a different heat at a later date

*consent of all virtual meeting attendees must be gained first before recording or taking and sharing photos.

A host training webinar will be made available in advance of any heats taking place.

Please note.

IET Staff will set up the virtual meeting and will launch the meeting before handing over hosting responsibility to the Host.

Benefits of volunteering for this competition 

  • You will gain valuable experience in hosting virtual meetings
  • This is outreach and engagement with the next generation of engineering professionals, this will look great on your CV and LinkedIn profile!
  • It counts as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours so make sure you add it to your Career Manager account
  • We will provide you with a certificate for your own records
  • Enables you to gain new connections with young engineers and technicians from all over the world

Part of a Local or Technical Network Committee?

All competitors will be asked if they want to know more about their most relevant network. This could be a great recruitment tool for you and any interested competitors will be passed on to you to contact!