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IET #PresentIn10 Competition

We're pleased to announce that the #PresentIn10 2021 Grand Champion is...


Paul Longe!

Paul Longe

Presenting: “Airborne Wind Energy: Why I love kites, and you should too”

Hi, my name is Paul Longe and I’m here to talk about kites!

I am a 2020 Graduate from the University of Leicester, and my presentation is about generating renewable wind energy using kites.

At University I studied Aerospace Engineering and for my masters group project, we developed a prototype for this concept.

I love sharing interesting ideas and I believe we all have something to contribute to make the world a better place.

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What topics are covered within the 3 themes? 

Renewable energy: wind turbines and modern solar panels

Sustainability & Climate Change

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Digital Futures

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Healthy lives

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