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Volunteering vision

These are our vision principles and ambitions.

Offer everyone flexible and inclusive volunteering opportunities to contribute to the evolving engineering and technology landscape

  • Demonstrate clear pathways to volunteering success
  • Overcome perceived or actual hurdles to volunteering
  • Assess our volunteering portfolio to meet changing needs

Provide the right environment to strengthen professional and personal skills, and grow networks

  • Provide opportunities for learning and development in all roles and locations
  • Support the volunteering community to conduct their roles responsibly, and safely
  • Ensure the volunteering community are made aware of all important information pertinent to their roles

Enable everyone to recognise and celebrate their own - and others’ - contribution and impact

  • Ensure everyone is aware of existing recognition schemes and programs that celebrate volunteering excellence
  • Representatives of the volunteering community within the IET Governance structure are visible and contactable
  • The volunteering community has a platform to communicate with each other
  • Individuals have the opportunity to be profiled and celebrated in a public setting

Keep enhancing the volunteering experience

  • Continuously look for development or accreditation opportunities to improve our offering to the volunteering community
  • Continue to work across IET departments to ensure consistency in our approach
  • Global ‘one team working’ is at the heart of everything we do

Give the volunteering community the opportunity to understand how their work supports our mission to engineer a better world

  • The volunteering community is clear on how it contributes to the wider IET strategy and societal challenges 
  • There are effective mechanisms for gathering feedback from the volunteering community 
  • Volunteers are empowered to contribute to strategic work outside of the main Governance structures