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Policy Panel Members and Chairs

Are you interested in representing the IET’s policy positions to policymakers and the media?

Could you make a commitment to attend around 4 meetings per year and give a reasonable amount of time to Panel work between meetings?

There are ten IET Policy Panels covering the following topics: Communications, Education and Skills, Energy, Health and Safety, Information Technology, Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Manufacturing, Transport, and for the UK devolved administrations Northern Ireland and Scotland. They have delegated authority from the Board of Trustees for the development of the IET’s recognised position on policy issues.

Appointment of members is made by agreement of the relevant Policy Panel Chair and the Head of Strategic Engagement and Partnerships and will be based on the recognition of relevant expertise and appropriate position within the topic area. Chair appointments are made by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Nominations and Succession Committee.

For more information about the role please download the PDF role description below.