What you need to use Office 365

What do I need to install when I sign up for Office 365?

You don't need to install anything in order to use Office 365.

How do I access Office 365?

You can access Office 365 using an internet browser, desktop client, and mobile device. Microsoft maintains a full list of the system requirements for Office 365.  Check under the Office 365 plans for the business, education, and government

Is Internet access required to Office 365?

Yes, internet access is required to access email, documents stored on OneDrive, groups and to use the Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, because the applications are hosted in the cloud.

What browsers can I use to access Office 365?

Microsoft recommends using the most up-to-date browser that is compatible with your operating system to access Office 365. However, it is available from all the web-based services included in Office 365 and can be accessed from Windows, Mac or Linux using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.  Microsoft maintains a list of the browsers they support.

Can I access Office 365 from my phone or mobile device? 

Yes, Office Apps and email are available on a mobile device including Android, iPhones and iPads and Window devices.

Can I use an Apple Mac, can I get Office 365 too?

Yes, the method to get a copy of Office for an Apple Mac is the same as the one required to download it for Windows. The web pages should detect you are running on a Mac and provide the correct software for you automatically.

Can I edit files on my iPad/Android device in OneDrive/Word/Excel or PowerPoint?

No, our licences do not allow us to edit files using the Microsoft Office applications from your device’s App store, but you can view all your documents on your phone. However, via a tablet, you can edit files if you use the browser to access Office 365 rather than the Apps.

Where can I get more help, support and training on Office 365?

The IET does not provide any specific training, however, Microsoft provides a comprehensive Office 365 Help and Training Centre that provides access to training, videos, tips, help and troubleshooting on the Office 365 suite of applications. We recommend that you use these Microsoft resources to support you in the first instance.

I can't find the answer to my query on the Microsoft web site, what can I do?

Contact the IET helpdesk at volunteer365support@theiet.org.

Unfortunately, the IET is unable to provide direct support for user connectivity issues or Apps due to the range of devices and operating systems in use.