Ensuring data is secure in Office 365 and compliant with data protection

What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and why is the IET using it?

MFA provides a second sign-in method for Office 365 to increase the security of the application. This second sign in method can be a text message, a phone call or via a phone App. You will be asked to set up your 2-step verification for Office 365 when you first sign into your account. You can update your settings at any time via 'My Account'.

Is Office 365 email secure and can I email confidential information?

All information is sent to and from Office 365 Email & Calendar via a secure connection. However, you should never use email to transfer IET or other confidential information without encryption.

Where will my Office 365 email and documents be stored?

Your email and documents will be securely stored on Microsoft's "cloud" servers. These servers are guaranteed to be housed in a UK data centre to comply with UK & EU law.

Who owns the data in Office 365?

The IET maintains data ownership of all data in Volunteer Office 365.

Who will be able to see my contact information?

Your name and volunteer office 365 email address will be visible to everyone in Volunteer Office 365. If you choose to fill in your profile then this will also be visible to everyone in Volunteer Office 365.

Does Microsoft share or sell our contact information with third parties?

No, Microsoft doesn't share or sell any contact information unless the user opts in. This is covered in Microsoft's comprehensive privacy and disclosure policies which are available not only to Microsoft Windows Live participants but to all users of Microsoft's online services. For more information see http://microsoft.com/privacy.

Where can I get more help and information on Office 365 Security?

Information stored on hard drives and information that moves within Office 365 is secure. Microsoft Office 365 Security provides more information on security. We recommend that you use these Microsoft resources to support you in the first instance.

I can't find the answer to my query on the Microsoft web site, what can I do?

Contact the IET helpdesk at volunteer365support@theiet.org.

Unfortunately, the IET is unable to provide direct support for user connectivity issues or Apps, due to the range of devices and operating systems in use.