Accessing your IET committee areas in Office 365 Groups

How is each committee managed in Office 365?

Each IET volunteering committee or group will have its own private Office 365 area, to manage its committee/group activities.

How do I access these Office 365 Groups?

Office 365 Groups are accessed directly from Outlook or the Mail App and appear as a list on the left-hand navigation pane. Alternatively, you can download the Group App for Android or IOS

What are Office 365 groups?

Office 365 Groups are a collection of Office 365 tools to enable you to collaborate with other members of your team when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, or sending an email.

What are the key features of Office 365 Groups?

See who is in your Group - select ‘Members’ on the top right of your Group and you will see the members of the Group. The Group owner(s) can add and remove members from the Group.

If you post a message to 'Conversations' it will be copied to all the members in the Group. Any new members joining the group will be able to read the historical messages. Group members can choose to switch off notifications.

Share important appointments with all members of your group by using the Group 'Calendar' to invite all members of the group to the event.

Share files with other members of your Group by uploading a file to the 'Files' section

Collaborate on a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file with other members of the Group at the same time. Office 365 comes with online versions of Word, Excel or PowerPoint so you can access and collaborate on documents even if your device does not have the desktop versions.

Record useful information that you want to keep in your Group 'Notebook' which can be grouped into sections and pages for easy reference.

Manage and assign Group tasks using 'Planner'.

Develop your SharePoint Site for more complex document management solutions.

How is the Outlook Groups mobile App different from Outlook Mail on my phone?

Office 365 Groups can be accessed via the Group App or the Outlook App on a phone or mobile device.

Where can I get more help, support and training on Office 365 Groups?

The IET does not provide any specific training, however, Microsoft provides a comprehensive Office 365 Groups support centre that provides access to training, videos, tips, help and troubleshooting on the Office 365 Groups. We recommend that you use these Microsoft resources to support you in the first instance.

I can't find the answer to my query on the Microsoft web site, what can I do?

Contact the IET helpdesk at

Unfortunately, the IET is unable to provide direct support for user connectivity issues or Apps, due to the range of devices and operating systems in use.