Introducing Office 365 for IET volunteers

Office 365 is a set of business and collaboration tools that have proven to be especially useful to enable delivery of some IET volunteer roles.  We have therefore introduced it in a limited roll-out.

The introduction of Office 365 has enabled us to work together more seamlessly and benefit from the tools available to support communication, information sharing and joint working across groups – with added benefits for compliance.

Selected volunteer roles will have access to products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype, as well as planning and information-sharing tools.  And, as a browser-based tool-set, Office 365 provides easy access on a multitude of devices and can be integrated with existing Microsoft Office accounts.

We want to fully support volunteers in getting the most out of the software, so we will be working closely with volunteers on a group-by-group basis to roll out the functionality and ensure they are fully supported in getting the best from it.

Terms and conditions

The Microsoft Office license strictly limits the use of IET Volunteer Office 365 for IET business only.  This tool-set is provided to help you undertake your volunteer role and should not be used for personal communications or other business.  If this is not enforced we risk Microsoft removing the license for all eligible volunteers, so users are required to sign up to the IET Office 365 Terms of Use.

FAQs for the IET Volunteer Office 365 service

For more information about Office 365 and the IET Volunteer Office 365 service, including eligibility, how it can be used and how to request an account, please see the frequently asked questions

Getting started and making the best use of Office 365

To help you get started and make the best use of Office 365 we have prepared a series of guides which may have the answer you are looking for.  If not, or you have any feedback or require technical support, please contact