Volunteer Core Value Awards - winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

2020 Winners


Awarded to Chiew-Foong Kwong for his contribution to Professional Registration volunteer activities.

Chiew-Foong was nominated by Christine P Tan, who told us that he is the most collaborative, proactive and professional IET volunteer she’s known.  Chiew-Foong is an energetic Professional Review Interviewer (PRI), International Professional Registration Advisor, Academic Accreditor and Registration & Standards Committee (R&SC) member, having sustainably volunteered with the IET for many years in several countries.

Christine first met Chiew-Foong at a Professional Review Interview, as co-interviewers, where he operated professionally and with integrity as they interviewed potential candidates together.  Chiew-Foong was an exemplary role model when Christine was an observing PRI. During the closed-door discussions after each interview, Chiew-Foong respected and valued Christine’s opinions which gave her greater confidence when she officially transitioned to second and finally the lead interviewer.

Chiew-Foong would go the extra mile to discuss with openness and honesty why a pass or fail decision was made, giving candidates useful feedback in their forms – how to improve next time (for failed candidates), and encouraging excellent CEng candidates to apply for IET Fellowship. He demonstrated the highest professional ethics during each interview in helping candidates with linguistic difficulties and patiently double-checking to make sure everyone understood the real meaning communicated by the candidates, leaving no room for bias or ambiguity.

Christine told us that Chiew-Foong is also a highly collaborative professional who listens to and respects contributions from his fellow volunteers, which can be seen from his work accrediting academic institutions and setting standards in R&SC. Christine nominated Chiew-Foong for the award as he espouses the highest level of “Integrity” and is a great example for all IET volunteers to look to.


Awarded to Bob Shanks for his contribution to the Coventry & Warwickshire Local Network.

Bob was nominated by Leonard Davis Archer, who told us that Bob has consistently engaged, organised, managed, and worked tirelessly to enhance the role of all engineers through organising events for IET members Chairing IET committees and sub-groups.

Bob also chairs and is a founder member of the Imagineering Foundation which is dedicated to encouraging young people from the age of 7 upwards to be involved in STEM based activities through school clubs or Imagineering Fairs and other events. 

Whether IET events are organised by him or not, Bob will always be first to help or to stand in and lead an event if the current Chair is unable to due to work or other personal demands. Bob’s broad experience and detailed knowledge of industry can always be relied upon. Due to his experience the younger members of the committees look up to him for guidance and advice, which Bob is always willing to share and give.

Leonard, who has worked with Bob on IET committees for over 30 years, told us that Bob has never let the team down in all that time, and he was very pleased to be able to nominate Bob for an award to give him the recognition he deserves for his endeavours.


Awarded to the IET Chennai Local Network (CLN)

The Chennai Local Network were nominated by Vivek Ram Vasan, who told us that they are working together towards a common vision of bringing the engineering community closer, inspiring professionals and bridging the gap between industry and academia. 

The CLN has organised many high impact events where students and professionals have benefitted, creating a pathway for young professionals in terms of securing job offers and internships.

Under the vision of Mr Cloudin the SMART CITY Challenge was conceptualized and executed with the support of viable hands of the team. Mr. Prasanna Bharathi followed up on the event which led to MoU’s being signed between various IET Affiliated colleges and Nokia. The team was also instrumental in setting up an IoT lab sponsored by Nokia. The outcome of persistent networking has resulted in 70 students being given internships along with 15+ job offers.

The Industry Institution Summit (IIS) was one of the landmark events attracting 2,000+ participants. MAKEATHON, part of the summit, led to 6 pre-job offers and was well coordinated by Dr Rathinam, who has played a crucial role as a convener in bringing sponsors, students and professionals together.

CLN is known for creative events spearheaded by Mr Rajkumar, who introduced various Government officials and international speakers and delegates to CLN. Mr Vivek Ram Vasan himself worked on social media platforms to expand the reach to non-IET professionals, as well as the student community who aspire to become engineers, attracting 100,000+ users over just a two-month period.

Dr Dhanasekaran, Chair of the CLN, has shown his leadership skills during these testing times by motivating and leading the team in the right direction through regular sync up meetings, to establish how to optimise events and expand the reach by developing new methodologies to bring maximum participation. The outcome of this can be seen in the response the CLN’s online events which had a tremendous reach of around 2500+ participants during the pandemic.

Vivek told us that of greater importance is the list of intangibles that make up the fabric of the Chennai Local Network: caring, respect, humility, commitment, dedication, humour, honesty, integrity, empathy, transparency, hard work and resiliency. 

2019 - Round 2


Awarded to Anthony Chadee for his contribution to the IET in Trinidad and Tobago.


Awarded to Phil Moffitt for his contribution to the IET Volunteer Support Working Party (VSWP).


Awarded to the Registration and Standards Appeals Panel, which is made up of two Appeal Adjudicators, 26 Appeal Reviewers and one Appeal Professional Registration Advisor

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