Volunteer Core Value Awards - winners

Congratulations to all of our winners!

2021 Winners


Awarded to Erusa Adizie.

Erusa has actively demonstrated her integrity towards IET and her Education Volunteer role over the past 12 months.

She has been involved with IET’s partner Scouts, took part in an Instagram post receiving 477 likes, and as of March 31st, the total reach was 9,868, with a total engagement of 524. Also taking part in an external project Erusa actively secured called 'Many Faces of Engineering' by Manchester Metropolitan University – both of which are proudly displayed on the IET Education website.

Passionate about improving ethnic diversity within Engineering, and Energy specifically, Erusa’s resolve for a need to promote better ethnic diversity within Engineering has led her to get involved with some further IET Education Partners. Erusa has impressed us all with how she truly reflects IET's Mission, Values, and Behaviours, even in the face of adversity recently where she demonstrated true integrity, both personally, professionally, and on behalf of the IET brand.

Always ready to listen and support activities, including when submitting her Engineering Education Grant Scheme proposal, Erusa is a true asset to the Education Volunteer team.


Awarded to Karyn Sansom.

In her role as Education Officer over the past 12 months, Karyn has continued her active support in inspiring the next generation of engineers. 

She has been an inspiring representative for the IET, particularly in her reaction to the COVID crisis when Karyn quickly and agilely responded to requests from the IET to support careers events and support Education Partners when everything suddenly turned to virtual requests.

Karyn provided continuous support and demonstrates excellence with Education Partners, in particular, Teach First and STEM Learning. She is an excellent ambassador for the Education Team and it’s guaranteed that Karyn will provide the highest level of service and satisfaction when she works with IET Partners on events.

Karyn has assisted with Engineering Education Grant Scheme applications by becoming their IET Advocate, offering valuable time to provide advice and assistance with the engineering aspects of their project.

She always promotes all IET Education resources due to her understanding and long experience of all that is available in the Education department and is mindful of IET’s Mission and Behaviours. Karyn's excellent skills lead to effective yet friendly and professional achievements with both IET and their Partners.

Karyn is continually improving and adopting good practice - she has undertaken numerous activities with IET Partner ‘STEM Learning’ including mentoring, Diversity in the Curriculum Working Group, and neurodiversity which aligns with the IET’s own diversity mission.


Awarded to IET Young Professionals Sri Lanka Network.

IET Young Professionals Sri Lanka Network organised the IET Young Woman Engineer Award for the first time outside the UK in 2017, then 2019, and are working on the 2021 session.

They initiated this award in Sri Lanka to select a dynamic young engineer who represents the very best of the engineering profession, who is a high achiever, a problem solver, and a team player, an inspiration to their colleagues and, just as importantly, have the charisma and personality to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

IET Young Professionals Sri Lanka Network had a brainstorming session to identify the key areas of the 2021 event flow and to assign an expert in each of the areas to lead and do the job. Through that, as a team, they could achieve the same success of the past two events. The team is working with their core strength to successfully deliver the 2021 event.

They are collaborating with some leading engineering firms in Sri Lanka to achieve more glamour in the event. To reach the companies the network of each individual team member helps a lot. And also the network of the committee always helps to get experts into the judging panel, keynote speakers, and guest speakers for the event.

Talented individuals of the 2017 YP team brought their motivation to the 2021 organising team to help create another grand event and achieve the expected outcome. They always inspire, inform and influence the organising team of young professional engineers, supporting and promoting innovative ideas to meet the needs of IET’s vision and mission and the IET YWE event outcome.

2020 - winners


Awarded to Chiew-Foong Kwong for his contribution to Professional Registration volunteer activities.


Awarded to Bob Shanks for his contribution to the Coventry & Warwickshire Local Network.


Awarded to the IET Chennai Local Network.