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Volunteer Core Value Awards - winners

Nominations open
(closing date 30 June 2020)

The first round of IET Volunteer Core Values Awards for 2020 is now open, with a closing date of 30 June 2020 - it’ll come round soon enough, so start nominating our wonderful volunteers!

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Congratulations to all of our winners!

2019 - Round 2


Awarded to Anthony Chadee for his contribution to the IET in Trinidad and Tobago.

Anthony was nominated by Jennifer Maraj, who told us that Anthony has served on the Trinidad and Tobago Local Network (TTLN) since 2014 in both the Chair and Treasurer roles.  He is actively involved in arranging the IET Present Around the World competition every year, as well as arranging other events and liaising with the officials at educational institutions for venue opportunities.  Anthony is also an International Professional Registration Advisor and Mentor and is currently mentoring a member to become a Chartered Engineer. 

Anthony works tirelessly in ensuring that all matters relating to the IET in Trinidad and Tobago are joined up, for example, meeting with the Assessors when they are visiting to assess the universities in Trinidad.  He is well respected by all and is an individual with strong morals and integrity, dealing with matters professionally. Although Anthony has a very hectic job and family life he still finds the time to be actively involved with the Trinidad and Tobago Local Network and ensuring it is visible in the South America Region.


Awarded to Phil Moffitt for his contribution to the IET Volunteer Support Working Party (VSWP).

Phil was nominated by Zoe Johnston, who told us that following the annual volunteer survey, Phil offered to undertake some research on behalf of the VSWP on improving volunteer communications. The pilot study report that Phil produced, using qualitative research that he compiled by interviewing volunteers from eight different volunteer roles, far exceeded expectations and provided a valuable and comprehensive insight into how to take the review forward.

This level of research and report, which identified some important areas of focus, would have been very costly had it been outsourced to a third-party research company.

Phil’s work, which he undertook in his own time free of charge and in addition to his other volunteering roles, has given the VSWP a great foundation from which to expand the research and take forward the recommendations outlined in the report. Zoe said “I fully appreciate the time and effort Phil has put into compiling the report and supporting this initiative. Thank you Phil!”


Awarded to the Registration and Standards Appeals Panel, which is made up of two Appeal Adjudicators, 26 Appeal Reviewers and one Appeal Professional Registration Advisor (PRA).

The Team was nominated by Claire Smeeton, who told us that Richard Hines is the Chair of the Registration and Standards Committee (R&SC) and Peter Sheppard is his deputy.  Mark Jones, past Chair of the R&SC, now acts as an Appeal PRA giving expert advice to candidates who are thinking about appealing their declined Professional Registration decision.  All 26 appeal reviewers are highly experienced and already very busy volunteers for the Registration and Standards department.

In 2019 26 appeals were submitted with each one being reviewed by two reviewers and an adjudicator.  This ‘super’ team are an essential part of the Registration and Standards department.  They give the candidates who have failed to achieve their registration objective the opportunity to enter a fair and robust appeals process, where unbiased experts look at their entire application to make sure a fair conclusion is achieved. 

Being volunteers they are giving their time for free, many in addition to full-time demanding jobs.  They always come back promptly and put real effort into each case they look at, ensuring the integrity of the IET is upheld.  Without this team working together so well and each playing their integral part our candidates would not have the option of a well-deserved effective appeals process.

Members of the Registration and Standards Appeals Panel include Chris Crane, Colin Gaskell, David Walker, David Young, Donard DeCogan, Duncan Whittle, Frank Margrave, Geoff King, Graham Prebble, Ian Dufour, John Widdowson, Lynton Mogridge, Mark Jones, Mike Coulson, Mike Mcloughlin, Naren Gupta, Norman Penny, Peter Sheppard, Phil Newstead, Ray Banister, Richard Hines, Stephen Gergely, Suzanne Flynn, Terry Griffin and Trevor Grimshaw.

You’ll be able to read more about Anthony, Phil and the Registration and Standards Appeals Panel in the July 2020 edition of Member News.

2019 - Round 1


Awarded to Meng Yong Lim for his contribution to the IET Singapore Local Network. 


Awarded to David Dick for his contribution to the South East Scotland Local Network.


Awarded to Mike Lynch, Ray Smith, Brian Penfold and Gerard O’Neill for their contribution to the Registration and Standards Trainers team.

2018 - Round 2


Awarded to Erik Dagless for his contribution to Academic Accreditation.


Awarded to Amir Farid Abdul Majid for his contribution to the IET Malaysia Local Network.


Awarded to Johnny Sze, Michelle Hui, Kenneth Chan & Hebe Tsang for their contribution to the Young Professionals Exhibition and Competition (YPEC) 2018 Organising Committee.

2018 - Round 1


Awarded to Alan Chater, who is Immediate Past Chairman of the IET South Yorkshire Local Network Committee and an IET Mentor.


Awarded to Frank Lewis, who is a member of the IET Auckland Local Network Committee, New Zealand.


Awarded to Rich Blair, Lauren Aves and Lily Welch of the IET On Campus Committee at the University of Greenwich, London.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To maintain the safety of our members, volunteers, staff and everyone we work with, we have taken the decision to cancel or postpone ALL IET events until the end of June. We are monitoring the rapidly changing situation and will provide further updates when we have them. If you have any queries, please contact events@theiet.org or view the more detailed statement on the IET homepage.