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About Core Values Awards for volunteers

Nominate now - Closing date 30 June 2020

The window for IET Volunteer Core Values Awards for 2020 is now open, with a closing date of 30 June 2020 - it’ll come round soon enough, so start nominating our wonderful volunteers!

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We never fail to be impressed by the tireless efforts of our volunteers around the world. They consistently demonstrate our core values through their various volunteering activities. Their contribution plays a vital part in helping to inspire, inform and influence today’s global engineering community… and tomorrows.

It’s often said that our volunteers are the lifeblood of the IET, and with that in mind, we have a recognition programme to share and celebrate the efforts of IET volunteers from around the world, who reflect our core values through their volunteering activities.

The awards will be made once annually to IET volunteers in three categories:

  • Integrity - an individual who behaves in a professional, open and honest way, always respecting and valuing the contributions of others;
  • Excellence - an individual who strives to deliver excellent service and satisfaction, introduces innovative solutions that add value, and is committed to continuous improvement;
  • Teamwork - a team that encourages IET volunteers (or volunteers and staff) to work together, recognises the value of harnessing individual talents through teamwork and collaborates with others.

The winners will receive an award and certificate and feature in a Member News article – a fantastic opportunity to share their story with members.

If you’ve been inspired by an IET volunteer (or team), simply complete an online nomination form explaining how they have demonstrated the Core Value and why they deserve to win one of the three award categories.

Please remember that the more information and examples you give of how the Core Value has been demonstrated, the better chance the nominee has of winning the award.

We had a wonderful response to the previous rounds of awards, and you can find the nominations we received on the winners announcement page.

Nominate now - closing date 30 June 2020

Nominators and Nominees will need to accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.