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Social Media policy and guidance

As the number of users of social media groups associated with us continues to rise, this presents opportunities for the IET.

We recognise the impact and potential of social media in areas such as communication, collaboration, data sharing, discovery, content development and publishing and encourages volunteers, members and IET staff to engage in social media when appropriate and to use them to further our vision and mission.

The policy and guidance on this page (top right) covers:

  • Volunteers and members setting up a social media account in connection with their role as an IET volunteer or member.
  • Volunteers and members using non-IET social media in connection with their role e.g. personal social media account.
  • General advice and examples for volunteers and members on social media.

Setting up and managing an IET local social media account

The purpose of this guide is to inform our volunteers on the process of creating or managing a social media account on behalf of the IET. 

Before setting up a new account


Setting up the account

  • Set up the account through a business personal profile to manage the account from
  • Download our audit template
  • Add disclaimer text to your social media profiles (see policy and guidelines on this page)
  • Use the templates provided on the marketing toolkit
  • Search for other regional or relevant IET led accounts that you could connect with on each social media platform

Managing an existing account

  • Review points on setting up a new account to make sure you have let us know you manage a social media account and that you have met our brand guidelines and downloaded the assets and templates available to you.
  • Set up regular checkpoints with your IET staff contact to discuss your account performance and support needs.
  • Conduct regular reviews of your social media accounts by using our audit template

NOTE: We will also audit your account on a yearly basis and where necessary will work with you to identify ways to improve your social media presence or if the account is still not meeting its potential we will discuss with you measures to close the underperforming account.

Social Media Webinar - On-demand and free to view!

Our Social Media Executives want to share their expertise with you, and provide you with the best tools and tips so that you can be social media savvy and successful!

This on-demand webinar starts with the basics, then explores in more detail what works and what you can do to have an effective social media presence.

Register to view the webinar.