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IT Acceptable Use policy

The IT Acceptable Use policy outlines our policy and procedure regarding the acceptable use of equipment and services provided by the IET IT directorate in order for you to be able to carry out your role. The policy encapsulates the spirit of the law and our values and standards.

The IT Acceptable Use policy applies to all employees, volunteers, contractors and temporary staff (where they have been supplied access to IET IT services or systems). For the purposes of this policy the term “staff” will be used to refer to all persons within scope.

Although you may feel that some sections of this policy may not apply to you, the policy has been written to address the wide range of people who undertake activities for or on behalf of the IET. To clarify how certain content relates to volunteers we have provided explanation notes which can be read in conjunction with the policy.

Organisations are increasingly becoming the victims of data hacks and breaches. Since many people use the same credentials for multiple accounts, we want to ensure IET accounts and data are secured with strong passwords and remain protected.

This article provides tips on how to choose good passwords or passphrases in line with the IET policy and keep them safe.

Our 'Information Security Facts for Volunteers' document includes some simple reminders to help you keep both yourself and the IET protected.