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Expense policy and claim forms

The IET recognises the enormous contribution that volunteers make through the gift of their time and it is IET policy that reasonable out of pocket expenses can be claimed for most volunteering roles, including attendance at committee meetings. If you are unsure whether this applies to your role please seek the guidance of your staff contact before you incur expenses.

The policy applies to IET volunteers (members and non-members) claiming expenses directly from the IET.

Local Networks expense claim forms 

There remains a separate expense claim form for members claiming expenses directly from their Local Network; this form should be used where a community volunteer is authorising the expense claim.

Please note: 

  • Excel claim form contains calculation formulas.
  • Pdf should be printed and completed by hand.

Expense receipts

Please help us to process your claims quickly by remembering to include your original tax receipts.

Vehicle Insurance

The Expense Policy includes a condition that you hold vehicle insurance which covers driving in relation to volunteer activities when making a car mileage expense claim. A specific declaration to this effect is included in the expense claim forms provided.  Please contact your insurance company if you are uncertain as to the cover provided by your motor vehicle insurance policy.

Car mileage expense claims for volunteers in the United States of America

The IET offers the following guidance to volunteers operating in the United States; this guidance note should be read in conjunction with the IET’s Expense Policy for volunteers. 

  • The IET offers the following guidance to volunteers operating in the United States. This guidance note should be read in conjunction with the IET’s Expenses Policy.
  • When using a personal car on IET business the reimbursable mileage rate is 58 cents per mile. This exceeds the 14 cents per mile rate quoted by the US Treasury for use of a car for charitable activities, but is considered by the IET to be a fairer rate to cover actual expenditure. Please note, however, that any excess over 14 cents per mile is currently taxable income to the volunteer and may be reportable by the volunteer to the IRS. Currently, we understand Form 1099 is used for such purposes where excess reimbursements total $600 or more for the year.
  • Volunteers are recommended to keep detailed records in order to support any entries in returns made to the IRS at the end of each fiscal year.
  • This note is offered as current guidance only. Individual volunteers retain responsibility for ensuring they comply with their local tax and other legal requirements and should seek their own appropriate advice as necessary.